Prophecy Past and Future: An Example

by Chuck Missler


As we explore the track record of fulfilled prophecies in the Bible, it becomes evident that Scripture has portrayed—centuries in advance—the rise and fall of the major empires on earth. Often we find the Biblical record of historical events contradicted by traditional secular scholarship, only to have subsequent archaeological discoveries later vindicate the Biblical historical record.

For example, the history of Nineveh, the capital of the Assyrian Empire, was regarded as a Biblical myth by scholars who denied even the existence of this ancient city until 1849, when the ruins were discovered, validating the Biblical accounts. A similar situation occurred in regard to ancient Babylon. The Biblical description of the fall of Babylon in Daniel 5 was at substantial variance with traditional scholarship until subsequent discoveries proved the Bible correct.

Though the Bible has spoken prophetically of all the major empires of the world, we see that it has most specifically focused on the nation of Israel. In fact, the entire history of Israel is an astonishing testimony to the supernatural origin of the Bible. When we examine the prophetic messages centering around it and see them fulfilled in its history, the Bible’s track record is validated and the providence of God is affirmed over and over.

A Prophetic Road Map: The Nation Israel

As the nation of Israel sat perched on the banks of the Jordan River, before its people ever set one foot upon the Promised Land, the Lord gave an outline of its entire history through His mouthpiece Moses. The book of Deuteronomy is like a road map for where history was headed before the trip got underway. It covers the whole history of Israel more than three thousand years in advance. While different segments of the historical journey have been updated with more details being added along the way, not a single variation from the earlier explicit course has ever been necessary.

In the process of Moses’ exhortation to the nation of Israel, he provides an outline of what will happen to this elect nation once it crosses over the Jordan River and settles the Promised Land (Deut 4:25-31). A summary of these events include the following:

  1. Israel and its descendants will remain long in the land.
  2. Israel will act corruptly and slip into idolatry.
  3. Israel will be kicked out of the land.
  4. The Lord will scatter the Israelites among the nations.
  5. The Israelites will be given over to idolatry during their wanderings.
  6. While dispersed among the nations, the Israelites will seek and find the Lord when they search for Him with all their heart.
  7. There will come a time of tribulation, said to occur in the latter days, during which time Israel will turn to the Lord.

Since the first five events have happened to Israel—and that is beyond competent dispute—then it is reasonable to expect that the final events will also occur to the same people in the same way as the earlier events. An expanded narrative of Israel’s future history is provided … (click for the rest of the story)


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