Încă un pas spre unificarea economică

După câteva decade în care au nivelat diferențele puterii de cumpărare între americani și europeni (prin scăderea drastică a puterii de cumpărare a americanilor), păpușarii lumii cred că a venit vremea să dea pe față scopul urmărit: unificarea economică!

EU and US flags (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)


The biggest trade deal ever? EU-US trade talks

Talks aimed at creating the world’s biggest free trade zone have opened in Washington. A deal would mean billions in additional economic activity between the US and EU. But there are major stumbling blocks to overcome.

The scale of what the negotiators in Washington are trying to achieve is truly staggering, This would be by far the biggest trade deal ever,

“If it were to go through you would have a trading bloc that is equivalent to half the world economy,” says economist Michael Hughes. “So there’s a lot at stake here,” he adds. Currently EU-US trade accounts for 30 percent of the global exchange of goods.

Estimates from the likes of the Bertelsmann Foundation in Germany suggest a deal would also create an extra one million jobs in the US and another million in Europe. In addition, creating a single market for American and European goods could help counter the rising competitive threat from China. (click)


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