Încălzire prin răcire !

Păpușarii lumii vor să facă din alb negru și din negru alb. ,,Cercetătorii științifici“, dependenți de capitalul lor, fac studii ,,la comandă“.

Chiar și absenbța demonstrează prezentă! Iată un raționament conform cărora majoritatea oamenilor de pe planetă se află pe o curbă a îmbogățirii. (!!!)

Semnele încălzirii globale lipsesc … Exact cam de când au îceput ei să vorbească despre ea.

Global warming ‘on pause’ but set to resume

Global warming has been on “pause” for 15 years but will speed up again and is still a real threat, Met Office scientists have warned.

drought land and hot weather

The Met Office has predicted it could be another five years before surface temperatures begin to rise again, but said the current “pause” would not affect long-term global warming forecasts Photo: ALAMY

Nick Collins

By , Science Correspondent

3:37PM BST 22 Jul 2013

Surface temperatures around the world have not increased on average since the late 1990s, causing some sceptics to suggest that climate change is not happening as quickly as experts predict.

But in a set of three new reports, the Met Office claims that global warming has been disguised in recent years by the oceans, which have absorbed greater amounts of heat and prevented us from noticing the difference at surface level.

This process, caused by the natural cycle of the oceans, could delay earlier predictions of global warming by five to ten years but will not last forever, researchers explained.

Other factors including a number of volcanic eruptions since 2000 and changes in the Sun’s activity, could also have masked the effect of greenhouse gases by providing a slight cooling effect, they said. (click dacă vreți să fiți prostiți în continuare)


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