O vacă a cărui naștere/moarte poate declanșa vremea sfârșitului

De ce țin evreii secret locația unei ferme din America? Cine ar avea dorința fierbinte să le fure evreilor de o simplă … vacă? Cum de poate fi o vițică mai periculoasă decât cel de al treilea război mondial?

A red heifer was just born, could this be a sign of the end

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The last Jewish Temple was destroyed in AD 70 by the Romans. Since then the Temple Mount has been occupied by various shrines to Islam, and for a short time, by a Christian Church.

The Jewish people have always wanted to rebuild a temple on the holy site. It is generally considered impossible to rebuild it under the current political situation, because to do so would precipitate a world war between Muslims and Israel.

According to Ezekiel, Chapters 40 through 48, a massive temple will be built during the Millennial Kingdom. But the events prophesied by the Book of Revelation require a temple at the mid-point of the Tribulation Period when the beast (Antichrist) will have an image of himself erected there for all to worship. This will be part of the “Mark of the Beast” scenario explained in Revelation 13.

The Temple Mount Institute has produced most of the furnishings for a new temple, has conducted training for priests, and may even have collected materials to start the construction, hopefully in the near future. Permission to do so would presumably be part of a peace agreement.
One necessary condition for dedication of a new temple is the sacrifice of a perfect “red heifer.” Unfortunately, occasional reports of a possible specimen have all failed to materialize. When an approved red heifer is found, it will undoubtedly increase interest in starting the work of establishing the Temple once again.


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