Profetic, este normal ca ONU să se mute în Europa, de preferință la Roma

130402unitednationslogoThe clash between the United States and the increasingly anti-Israel United Nations is heating up.

Sarah Palin joined the chorus of voices calling for a #USexit, saying the United Nations works against American interests, and the U.S. should “get the heck out of the U.N. and get the U.N. out of the U.S.”

An increasing number of conservative media figures are also condemning the recent resolution against Israel as the last straw, with Josh Hammer at The Resurgent declaring, “Destroy the United Nations.”

But the case against the United Nations is also being made on religious, not just political, grounds.

Furious at the international body’s hostility against the Jewish state of Israel, several Christian leaders told WND the time has come for the U.S. and the incoming Trump administration to take strong action against the globalist body.

“I believe it is past time for the United States to withdraw from the United Nations,” pastor Carl Gallups told WND.

Gallups, a strong Trump supporter during the campaign and the author of several books, including his latest, “When The Lion Roars,” said the United Nations has outlived its usefulness.

“One rule shared by most successful people and nations is to never eternally invest in a concept, organization or philosophy to the extent that when that entity is drastically changed, or has become obsolete or corrupt, that you cannot pull out it. In 1945, the United Nations was established with the main goal of maintaining international peace and security. What could go wrong with an idea like that? Well, here we are, and not only has the U.N. concept gone wrong, but it has, in the opinion of many, become corrupt to the very core.”

Gallups accused the U.N. of furthering the causes of violence, terrorism and extremism it was originally designed to combat.

“The United Nations has become nothing more than a breeding ground for the globalist and radical Islamic agendas,” he said. “It promotes wildly anti-Israel propaganda, furthers schemes that imperil American sovereignty and foments anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism. What’s worse, there are good reasons to believe the United Nations is a globalist, anti-Christian organization that could play a dire role during the last days. Let us disassociate ourselves from that godless mess now.”

Enough is enough! Do your part to get the cartel of globalists, terrorism appeasers and Israel haters off our soil. Get the U.S. out of the U.N. and the U.N. out of the U.S. Sign the petition here! Make your voice heard! Stand up for American independence and the security of our allies! 

Mark Biltz, pastor of El Shaddai Ministries, is a passionate supporter of the Jewish state and frequently teaches on the Jewish roots of the Christian faith and their continuing importance to believers in books such as “God’s Day Timer: The Believer’s Guide To Divine Appointments.” He says the U.N. poses a dire threat to Israel.

“It is my opinion that the United States and Israel should withdraw all funding from the United Nations, just for starters,” he told WND. “The next step, if they do not overturn the resolution, would be to expel the organization from the Continue reading

Oamenii de știință spun că sufletul trăiește după moarte ! Wow!

Pentru ca înfruntarea finală descrisă în Apocalipsa să poată avea loc, omenirea trebuie să abandoneze materialismul și să accepte existența lumii spirituale (cu pozitivul și negativul ei). Se va ,,întâmpla“ deci că oameni competenți vor deschide omenirii ușa pentru percepții în lumea de dincolo de simțuri. Pregătiți-vă pentru o cascadă de ,,descoperiri“ care va demonstra ca lumea materială este doar o ,,percepție“, un ,,program de realtate virtuală“ în spatele căruia sunt implicate entități din alte dimensiuni.

Sună biblic? Nu vă faceți iluzii. Sună la fel de Antichristic. Tabla de șah se așează pentru scena finală.

Iată un material din ,,The Sun“ din Londra.


Researchers claim that humans have souls which can live on after death

The idea that human consciousness lives on after death has been put forward by a number of well-respected scientists.


Vești de războaie

ALERTĂ Marea Britanie trimite avioane Eurofighter Typhoon în România


Britain sends hundreds of soldiers, tanks to Russian border…

Biggest military deployment since Cold War…

Moscow tests hypersonic warhead…


După parlamentul european se lucrează tiptil pentru Parlamentul Global !!!

Organizată ,,discret“ această întrunire a primarilor este o altă sămânță otrăvită a ,,globalismului antichristic“. Puțini au auzit despre ea, dar cine se îndoiește că în spatele ei sunt resurse nebănuite? Cine ar fi reușit altfel să adune zeci de mii se ,,specialiști“ într-o țară din lumea a treia ? Cine le-a plătit biletele de avion și cazarea ?

City mayors create ‘global parliament’ to manage urbanisation

By Paola Totaro

QUITO, Ecuador (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – More than 60 mayors from around the world have joined forces to create an alliance dubbed a ‘global parliament’ to demand a more powerful role in the management of city growth and urbanisation.

Speaking on the eve of the United Nations Habitat III conference in Quito, Ecuador, on Sunday, the mayors outlined a united vision in which local government would lead the global response to rising urbanisation.

They said collaboration rather than competition would help them address the most urgent challenges for the world’s cities, from affordable housing and transport to climate change, migration and refugees.

The mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre, quoted U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon who once said that if “you need to settle a problem, ask a mayor” and urged his colleagues to Continue reading

Nu uitați Egiptul !

Una din cele mai vechi țări din istorie și una din cele cu un cuvânt mare de spus în relațiile profetice cu viitorul lui Israel, Egiptul, părea că a intrat într-o perioadă de umbră. No more!

Investițiile Chinei vor ridica profilul Egiptului la nivelul marilor capitale ale lumii!

China to finance Egypt’s $45 billion capital city in the desert

Egypt’s plan to build a glittering new capital city in the desert was written off by many as nothing more than a dream for a country with a struggling economy.

That dream, however, appears headed for reality after China stepped in to bankroll much of the $45 billion project.

Egypt hopes to have its new capital city completed by 2021. /Getty Images
Egypt hopes to have its new capital city completed by 2021. /Getty Images

China Fortune Land Development announced on Sept. 25 it would invest $20 billion in the project. That announcement followed the pledge of $15 billion from China’s state-owned construction company.

Work has already begun for the as yet unnamed new capital 28 miles south of the current capital Cairo. The new city, located on a 270-square-mile slice of desert owned by the Egyptian army, would be home to some 5 million people.

City planners envision a city with skyscrapers rivaling those in Dubai, green areas comparable to New York City’s Central Park, an international airport larger than London’s Heathrow and an amusement park on the scale of Disney World.

Several hundred apartment buildings already have gone up in the new city, and construction crews are building roads and laying sewage lines.

The target for completion of the new capital is 2021.

Egyptian officials have long sought to relocate the capital away from highly-congested Cairo, in which 30 million people (a third of the country’s population) reside.

“I can say with total honesty that this project is 20 years overdue,” said Mohsen Salah El Din, chief executive of the state-owned Arab Contractors, which is involved in the project.

“We had to find an alternative location to suck this congestion out of Cairo and relocate where the government would be and where the civil servants working in these agencies would live so that they don’t have to commute long distances between home and work,” he said.

The moving of the capital would not be unprecedented. Turkey, India and Brazil all moved their capitals in the 20th century.

“Egypt’s administrative capital is not different from Ankara, New Delhi or Brasilia,” said Zeyad Elkelani, a political science professor at Cairo University.

“The new capital is an important step to make room for the private sector,” Elkelani said. “The bureaucracy has been choking business in Egypt and the residents of Cairo.”

The government of Egyptian President Abdul Fatah Sisi also announced it was speaking with the Chinese about building a university in the new city.